Find Out How To Work More Effectively In The Multi-lateral Environment Of The UN

…or any intergovernmental meeting.

This Express Course will make sure you know:

    • The 3 things you need to do before you set foot in the UN—if you really want to be influence global policy making
    • How to “get inside the head” of your key UN prospects so they will listen to YOU.
    • How to save hours—even weeks—of trial and error by working through your “Vienna Cafe Conversation.”
    • The formula for crafting a powerful “corridor brief”… in 9 minutes or less.
    • Tips about how to rise above the white noise of chatter and small-talk to become a trusted ally.
    • Clarity about the single assumption undermines 90% of NGOs’ outreach efforts at the UN… so you never make that same mistake again.
    • 3 short-cuts to securing a commitment to action from diplomats…
    • And much, much, more.

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