What will this software do for you?

It will place a ribbon above the pages you already have open in your browser and will put key links and useful websites right at your finger tips. No more wondering, “now where can I find that?” or wasting enormous amounts of time looking for critical UN related resources and information.

PLUS, if there are web sites that you think should be added to the toolbar, just shoot us an email, include the link and after we check it out, we will add it to the Advocacy Algorithm toolbar.

This browser toolbar will save you time—something that money can never buy for you! Get more done in less time.


Installing the Toolbar on Your Browser

This toolbar is VERY easy to install (and uninstall) and works with Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers.
Use the button below the video tutorial or watch this brief video tutorial and use this link:
[hdplay id=51 ]

Need to Uninstall the Tool Bar?

If at any stage you wish to UNinstall the Toolbar, the directions for the different browsers can be found here.