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The Leadership Lab

Our Leadership Lab is about creating a space where mission minded leaders can hone their leadership skills, get access to cutting edge training, and build relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit leader AND social entrepreneurs.

The Lab adds support and connection to cutting edge insights and training needed to be effective leaders in our globalizing world digital world.

In addition to training resources available 24/7, our “Legendary Leadership Lab” Members gather each month to hear from an expert on a new topic. The speakers stay on for Q&A and usually lasts as long as people have questions.

Leadership Lab Members also have access to a private Community where they can share questions, insights, make connections, share stories, victories, challenges, and even work together to start new initiatives under the mentorship of the NGOA team.

The Core Concept

The core concept of the Leadership Lab is built around the science of change. Our approach builds on the three steams or currents at play at any one time: the human element; organizational processes; and the intentional efforts of leaders to effect change. All this combines into what we refer to as leadership intelligence or transilience.

The formulation of  TQ™  or leadership intelligence was precipitated during the 2016 Crime Commission in Vienna. Having observered over the years: invidual leadership strengths and failure; the state of the UN and Civil Society, including their strengths, weaknesses; and keeping an eye on the global social-economic-political climate, it was clear new levels of understanding of “leadership for the digital 21st century” were needed. 

Either BOTH, the UN and Civil Society needed to uplevel their ways of working, or globally, we are in for some dark days.

We are living at such an amazing time of tremendous opportunity for both great accomplishment and dire outcomes. It remains the role of those with a global consciousness and deep local connection to step up.

That’s where we need new insights and ways to train today’s leaders. Not to perpetuate 20th century style success, but to innovate, improve, rise up and lead especially in the midst of our uncertain and volatile times.

Leadership is increasingly challenged in all sectors and the non-profit realms as well. New skills, especially those that can leverage today’s unique challenges are needed in addition to traditional entrepreneurial and business skills.

The NGO Leadership Lab focuses on building the personal and professions skills  leaders need in a digital world.

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Lab Topics & Schedule


8:00 A.M. PDT
Wednesday October 24th
Developing an organizational structure that supports financial sustainability.
8:00 A.M. PST
Wednesday November 21st
What will it take to build your ability to lead and scale your nonprofit organization?
8:00 A.M. PST
Wednesday December 19th
How to Build Your Online Community (so they support your organization’s work).