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» Effective Advocacy at the UN

» Organizational Leadership Leveraging:

  • Your strengths
  • What is best for all stake holders: your team, your organization, and your clients

» How to Build Your Online Community (so they support your work)

» How to Deal with Stress and Workplace PTSD

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About the NGO Leadership Lab

The Lab is also about creating a strong network of relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders. The Lab adds support and connection to cutting edge insights and training needed to be effective leaders in international intergovernmental environments in our increasingly digital world.

In addition to training resources available 24/7, NGO Lab Members gather each month to hear from an expert on a new topic. The speakers stay on for Q&A and usually lasts as long as people have questions.

NGO Lab Members also have access to a private Facebook Community where they can share questions, insights, make connections, share stories, victories, challenges, and even start new initiatives.

The Core Concept

The core concept of the NGO Leadership Lab is transformational resilience: transilience. This focus grows out of historic facts and today’s increasing need for NGOs to be effective social entrepreneurs, innovating needed social change but now in a digital world. Leadership today requires more than traditional resilience. Social entrepreneurs are now required to develop the capacity to uplift and empower all stakeholders, while functioning and structuring their organization to impact society in our digital 21st Century.

Leadership is increasingly challenged in all sectors and the non-profit realms as well. New skills, especially those that can leverage today’s unique challenges are needed in addition to traditional entrepreneurial and business skills.

The NGO Leadership Lab focuses on building the personal skills and capacities that develop transilient leaders for a digital world.

3 Big Mistakes NGOs Make at the UN


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Advocacy Algorithm


35 Lessons. Advocacy at the UN 101.

Lab Topics & Schedule


8:00 A.M. PDT
Wednesday October 24th

Developing an organizational structure that supports financial sustainability.

8:00 A.M. PST
Wednesday November 21st

What will it take to build your ability to lead and scale your nonprofit organization?

8:00 A.M. PST
Wednesday December 19th

How to Build Your Online Community (so they support your organization’s work).


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