So what is an “NGO-in-a-box”?

NGO-in-a-box provides technical service providers and support staff within non-profits with bespoke box-sets of tools and materials aggregated around specific themes. Tactical Tech works to form networks of established experts who can act as topical and regional editorial teams. These teams work together to actively recommend and select tools and materials around a given topic.

NGO-in-a-box offers a set of peer reviewed and selected Free and Open Source software (F/OSS), tailored to the needs of NGO’s. It provides them not only with software, but also with implementation scenarios and relevant materials to support this.

Where other projects may aim to provide neutral or comprehensive overviews of tools available in a particular area, NGO-in-a-box strives to provide specific recommendations and forms of distribution based on a grassroots approach. It delivers up to date peer-reviewed and selected tools and materials based on the experiences of informed practitioners and field experts. Moreover it aims to do so in a format designed for use in developing countries and by low-resourced groups. Predominantly the box-sets are targeted at IT intermediaries and service providers (eRiders, consultants, trainers), system administrators and self-taught technologists working with small to medium sized non-profit organisations. With NGO-in-a-box they should have the tools and materials they need to promote and implement a range of FOSS solutions for NGOs in their respective situations.

It’s free and you can go here to get it.