NGO Diplomacy


Building the capacity of NGO representatives as effective actors in the international and intergovernmental environment is one of the central pillars of our work.

We recognize that civil society does need to continue to influence global governance, strategies, and practices. But the task is not simple. It can rarely be done quickly or without insider knowledge. Having the capacity to effectively interact and influence is the only way civil society can shift from dancing around the edges to being a change leader.

Now you don’t have to have a seat at the Economic and Social Council or in the Security Council or elsewhere to influence what goes on there. BUT if you do want to influence the global dialogue on your areas of interest and expertise, you do have to know how to plenty of basics and how to interact effectively.

As stated before, this is no small task. But it is absolutely possible. If I were to tell you my story—all my story, you would see that I am not just “saying” so. But this is not about me. This is all about getting you ready to increase your capacity to impact the global dialogue, policy and action. So we have a few places to start:

  1. FREE Invaluable Online Training: Express Course. This is made up of three video tutorials and even if you have already watched then once, I would highly recommend you not only watch again some time, but make sure you do the exercised outlined. No skin off my nose if you don’t. But taking action in these core areas will put you lightyears ahead of so many others wondering around the UN—perhaps feeling good to be there, but not effecting any kind of change.
  2. Downloadable Reports for NGO activists and representatives. These are free and additional reports will become available over time.
  3. Comprehensive Online Training. Now while this is not a free training, it is incredibly economical and more than worth the cost. But it is only for those serious about working to influence decision-makers at the United Nations. The full comprehensive course was originally recommended to be priced at $997.00. And at that, it is worth every cent. But the cost of the program and its 35 lessons and resources, will surprise you. What’s more, you can simply take the $5 challenge to check it out and see what you think by taking it for a test-drive.

Go ahead and take the $5 challenge and see if you are ready to get to work as one of today’s change leaders.