FreeReportWe just released our new report on “Making Your NGO’s Advocacy Dynamic.”

This report goes over one “big idea” and three areas of focus that will massively change the way many NGO staff, interns and activists think about their advocacy and how they can increase their efficacy.

This was originally a transcription from a 90 minute live webinar held in March 2013 and had NGOs join from Africa, USA, Europe and Latin America. We invite you to get access to this report and get to work anew on your advocacy today!

It goes over:

  • Context
  • Understanding the difference between Consultative Status with ECOSOC Association with the Department of Public Information (DPI)
  • Understanding what the difference means
  • The changing numbers of NGOs at the UN
  • How these numbers affect both the NGO and diplomatic communities
  • A short introduction to UN structure and decision-making
  • Q&A

You get immediate access to this meaty report right here:

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