FreeReportTapping Underutilized Resources

The Report

Three steps that you can take to strengthen your NGO’s ability to impact decision-makers by tapping the resources you may already have, but haven’t yet seen how to utilize them or considered the real difference they can make.

MAG003-FASTThis 30-page report was developed in collaboration with a focus on the “mindset for problem solving.”

It reveals with the single biggest mistake most people make when dealing with the emotionally difficult and personal problems. But when mastered, builds a key capacity for NGO leaders. Because it deals with fundamental capacities upon which we build our professional skills, this often untapped and/or undeveloped capacity continues to “invisibly” affect MANY areas of life.

This report is a game-changer, meaning it will show you how to approach diplomats and UN staffers to you will get heard. There is a lot of “noise” at the UN as there is elsewhere. More and more these days. So you need to stand out.

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