You’re done!


We trust that stirred many thoughts  and sparked ideas as you worked through the assessment form.

Remember: There are no right or wrong answers here, as every organization is not only different, but also at a different stage of development.

The stage you are at also significantly changes what your priorities, urgent needs and current stratgies will be.

5 Things to Do Now

  1. Check your email, as we will have sent you a link with the pdf of your answers. That will give you a record of your answers. [NOTE: This pdf will come from this email: support(@)
  2. Use it as a baseline so you can get a sense of your progress over time.
  3. Ready for a FREE 20 minute consult to get additional perspective on your organization and how to work with the UN community, schedule time here:
  4. Do review the pdf to find the top 3 things that caught your attention as you worked through the assessment and put these 3 things INTO your  scheduler to work on them!
  5. Turn these insights into impact by scheduling your next steps!

Blue Skies!

Karen Judd Smith