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Too many times I have watched NGO directors and managers wince as one of the members of their organization animated indicated their interest in offering their time to contribute to the work of their organization at the UN. Why would someone do that?

Well, it’s pretty much a given, that NGO representatives feel the enormity of the task facing them to engage the intergovernmental environment and make a significant impact there to start with.

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Add to this the instantaneous recognition of what it takes to “prepare” a volunteer to not only be capable of working in the UN environment, but perhaps even more poignant is the recognition that if the volunteers and interns are not properly oriented, it is so easy for them to unintentionally create problems for their NGO’s UN agenda.

You’re in a Catch 22?

So the UN manager is in an untenable position, a catch 22:

  • They need help desperately, to get many of the little tasks done that need to be taken care of to get to the work of influencing decision-makers and well-trained, well-prepared volunteers and interns could help significantly, but…
  • They are already totally overworked and cannot imagine taking time away from what they are doing to do a proper job of training, orienting, coaching and managing volunteers and interns to get them to a place where they can contribute and not only cost time and money with little to no return on that investment for the NGO’s UN mission.

So when individuals approach them either to volunteer their time specifically for a particular NGO, or to connect a young college student eager to intern with an international NGO at the United Nations, and having an influx of intelligent youth is highly desirable for the future of the organization, the NGO directors/managers often glumly say “thank you very much, but we don’t have a place for volunteers and interns at the moment.”

While this is thoroughly understandable, (and frankly, I have found myself in that bind myself at different stages over my years at the UN) it is not the only way to respond. Now this “problem” can be resolved and turned into a powerful opportunity. And really quite simply.

What Strategy Do You Have For Your UN Agenda?

If you have an agenda at the UN (or anywhere else for that matter,) and you wouldn’t mind some additional help from volunteers and interns who in turn, will also naturally strengthen your organization, then these are the steps that can be taken… AND you will see, that there are some unexpected and quite significant side benefits from going this route. These “side benefits” alone may for some, be worth implementing this strategy!

Of course, if you currently have no specific agenda or intention to expand your scope of influence through outreach, developing meaningful relationships, doing additional “recon” and finding and connecting with decision-makers or getting your NGO’s agenda known farther afield, supported and funded, then I suspect you are simply not reading this 🙂

3 Steps To Boosting Your Impact

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