Do you have volunteers and interns anxious to help you do your work at the United Nations, but all you can think about is how much time it would take you to give them the basic training about the UN itself that they would need to be useful? There are options, and the latest one on the block is the NGO Academy. The Academy provides an incredibly comprehensive 30-lesson training course on:

  • UN Basics
  • Advocacy
  • NGO Diplomacy
  • UN Protocol
  • Working with UN Documents

How to work with UN Missions…

and much much more.

The academy provides online training for NGOs (materials are video tutorials, mp3 and pdf) and provides great resources including useful links and interviews.

While the Academy is quite young, it provides an excellent NGO training resource that is otherwise missing in the UN NGO realms.

The courses available are HIGHLY affordable and NGOs can buy training for their volunteers to significantly boost the expertise of their own volunteer base and advocacy resources. Highly recommended! Plus they offer a FREE Express Course that will get you started with PR and “marketing basics” that are rarely used well by those who have spent many years pounding the pavement in UNHQ.

Get access to this FREE training that some have paid hundreds for, and get started on upgrading your impact today!

Beginner? Or perhaps had 10 years around the UN?

Yes, there are the basics that HAVE to be acquired. Then there are the insights, knowledge and specifics that are not all neatly available in a book in the UN bookstore, or guaranteed by spending weeks and months of dedicated time walking the corridors and visiting the conference rooms at the UN.

And there are mindset issues that block effective action by undermining “obvious and strategic choices” for 90% of aspiring activists and change-agents. But these are issues that can be tackled and changed resulting in lasting progress that with the right focus, creates significant impact. After all, not everyone fails to achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

PS. Tell them you found out about them from the Alliance of NGOs and they will give us a $20 donation for every student that uses our code. PLUS you will get a $20 discount off the regular cost of the Advocacy Algorithm training. Please use this code: cpcj2011.