Well, perhaps that’s rather paranoid and a bit of an over-exaggeration. But sometimes it sure FEELS like everything is working against us. And it’s all the more frustrating because we are trying to help! So what’s the deal?

Today’s challenges seem to be like none before:

  • local pressures are compounded by the stressed international economic climate
  • globalization is changing the face of governance
  • information is now everywhere, and now it’s work to sift through it all
  • tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fire and drought seem to be more frequent occurrences
  • and more…

It’s a lot.

Yes, but…

While collectively the challenges are enormous, the reality is that each NGO boldly addresses their unique challenges one day at a time. The spirit of service and care that underpins NGO activism is mighty. A force to be reckoned with! And yes, we are all ready to use whatever help—insights—edge we can get.

NGO leaders, volunteers and representatives will continue to lead with the passion, courage and vision. But we all need information  to enable us to make better strategic choices and continue to take effective actions that leverage every resource we have. Such information comes both from the overabundance that our information society provides and importantly, from reflection and prepared minds.

In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.
~ Louis Pasteur

In order to contribute to the “preparation” part, I wanted to help find the pulse of NGOs active at the UN and/or the international level, and to get an updated sampling of what the NGO community itself feels are our greatest challenges. In this survey, I want to begin with the “big rocks” of the current big challenges before us. Later we can drill down a bit to find our more about these big challenges. Therefore PLEASE DO share your perspectives at this time, to help us discover—

Just what do International NGOs (INGOs) find the most challenging today?

This survey is not extensive. Yet I am hoping it will provide with the first phase of the feedback that could be of interest to us all.

Let’s find out!

Honest, the survey  REALLY is SHORT!

(Some NGOs have already seen some of these questions in a slightly different format, but I hope you can still take 60 seconds… and I will keep those interested updated!)

Here goes…

The “INGO Biggest Challenges in May 2011” Survey