About the Founder

The NGO Academy is like most things, a work in progress. And rightly so. Your work and mission is also one of creating—creating change in your particular field.

Peter Drucker noted: “The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it.”

Even though the work of NGOs is often initiated by a call of the heart, the skills, knowledge and resources that are needed to fulfill the mission non-profits are called to fulfill require even more exacting proficiency than the private sector because there are two bottom lines: the mission and the money.

This site seeks to contribute in small ways. Not enormous or every way, but strategic ways, to the efficacy of NGOs that have as part of their, outreach and lobbying to the United Nations. Our strategic focus is on what is needed to lead change, including core leadership capacities and inter-governmental advocacy and outreach within the UN context: New York, Vienna, and Geneva.

But whatever the specifics of the training, in the end…

… it’s all about people

To make a difference in our world we cannot escape the potency of character, integrity, perseverance, and a constant focus on our desired ends. As individuals, we do best when we are learning, engaging, moving, and vital in all our relationships and in our own skins.

Change leaders anticipate the future and build solutions that impact our communities, our families and our world. Masterful change leaders build sustainable curiosity, courage, compassion, and resilience to power their grit and zest.

My name is Karen Smith

founder of the NGO Academy
April 2010