Online NGO Assessment Tool

The value of this assessment is both in the DOING and then what you do with your answers to the questions.

You do need to keep in mind the maturity of your organization and not expect that a newly formed NGO have in place many of the mechanisms and structures mentioned in the assessment form.

But this does give the interested NGO leader, a way to monitor your NGO’s development and also to take note of various aspects of NGO work that might be implemented in the coming months.

After you have completed the survey, you will be sent an email or pdf copy of the your completed sections (those you do not complete, will be excluded from the email.) This will provide you perspectives of your NGO and where it is at this time in the overall 3 main stages of development:

Stage 1: The NGO has core capacities built around the founding mission but still needs to develop core areas of competency to ensure the NGO will have staying power.

Stage 2: The NGO has growing capacities, areas of strength and weakness, but is well positioned for ongoing growth and sustainability.

Stage 3: The NGO has a high level of capacity, is serving its constituents, its staff and the larger community.