Negotiation Essentials

A LAMPP Workshop

27th April, 2023
10:00 AM EST

What to DO When the Stakes are High

simple. powerful. easy to learn "Recipes"

Powerful Soft Skills

Build confidence quickly

THE LAMP Workshop

Learn the powerful fundamentals for thriving amid today’s enormous challenges and increasing forces beyond your control.

Learn how to shift each conversation from “survive” to “thrive.”

Immediately lower anxiety and nervousness in crucial and high-stakes conversations so you act with clarity and confidence toward your goals.

Building the Soft Skills That Give You the Edge in Negotiations

Good negotiation is about more than understanding the numbers. It’s about understanding what drives people. Our skills training focus on the soft skills essential to breakthrough negotiating. Focusing on simple “skill mash-ups” we get you started experiencing the difference your new actions make.

Otherwise complex skills of active listening, empathy evolution, and fostering emotional fortitude begin to reveal their capacity for surprisingly satisfying outcomes!


Build confidence

Handle even crucial and difficult conversations—personal and professional—better than ever before


High-Stakes Calm

Experience the calming effect of this approach that also allows you to uncover otherwise hidden information from your counterpart.


Strategies That Work Out of the Box

Learn strategies that work even when done imperfectly! Of course, honing your skills and deepening your understanding will do more. Just getting started is what makes the difference!

The Human Element

Experiential Learning

Whether it is curriculum design, core business processes, or customer service,  people’s experience is is fundamental to success.

Building soft skills into business is often the hardest work to do.

Digitizing your work may be challenging, but the often over-looked development of human capacities—at the core of business and social success—is mostly undervalued and overlooked.

Baking this element into your business from its core is leveraged through experience-oriented products. Leverage the experiential approach to put the chances of success on your side.

GDE focuses on the  Human Element in all aspects of the business. And building in meaningful experience is essential at every level and stage. so that your products and services, course-work an more, uplevels your success rates from the teens to the eighties.

Turn your plans into routine success!



Draws on the TQ™ framework


Holistic approach


Includes key elements almost all other training programs omit