The Secret Language of UN Resolutions

Jul 13, 2016

Attribution: Wikipedia

Adoption of SC Resolution 1718. Attribution: Fair use

Understanding the role of UN resolutions and their “secret language” is one of the numerous skills NGO diplomats need realize they need to impact global policy.

While the language is not really secret, when you do not understand the role resolutions play and how they are used, for those who do not know, then resolutions do keep levels of meaning secret!

Because this basic understanding is key to NGO representatives working at UNHQ, Geneva, Vienna or any of the regional offices, we are providing this training video free. Understanding resolutions is one of the fundamentals often overlooked by NGO representatives.

When you are on a mission to “improve the world” have a comprehensive understanding of the basics is essential. Our world still needs more global citizens helping it out at every level! So better understanding how civil society can and does impact and influence global policy and international programs at the United Nations is essential to developing your own organization’s strategy.

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This is just one of the 30+ lessons in the Advocacy Algorithm.

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